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Invisible vs Visible
Posted on May 23rd, 2011 at 2:25 pm by kristen88 and
When we were talking about The Invisible Man, I thought about the movie, Princess Diaries. Anne Hatthaway always felt invisible, when clearly she was not. The reason she felt this way is because she was kind of nerdy and geeky and not pretty, and did not meet the standards of the popular girls. After she went through the beauty makeover, people suddenly began to notice her. There was one guy though, her best friends brother, and I remember her at the ball, making the comment to him, “You saw me when I was invisible.” This is making me think, just because you think that you are invisible, does not mean that you are invisible to everyone.
Different people can feel visible and invisible under different situations.
Invisibility does not necessarily mean not being there. You can be invisible if you are colored amongst the whites; you can be a different ethnicity compared to others around you; you can be poor while everyone around you has money; you could be the nerdy unpopular kid in school compared to the fashionable popular kids.
A person tends to be invisible when they do no play into the societys standards.
In the prologue there is the scene where a white man was mugged by a black man, however, the whiteman did not say it was a black man that mugged. This is both good and bad. Good in the sense that he did not get in trouble, and bad in the fact that he was not seen.
In chapter 4, there is the scene where the narrator wishes he couble make invisble everything Mr.Norton was made visible to, which he should not have been; the countryside where True Blood lives and the Golden Day.
When you play into societys standards, you become visible.
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